Carry You

by Reed

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released June 22, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Reed Murray
Strings on "Carry You" written and recorded by Collin DuPree
All songs mixed and mastered by Ray Jeffrey



all rights reserved



Instagram: @reedmurray


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Track Name: Trail
I have found life among the trail of dead
A narrow gap I cross to feel its breath
Sometimes I fear the way it makes me feel
To know there's life beyond where I lay still

Our broken bodies will start to decay
And all we build will one day lay to waste
Sometimes I fear the way it makes me feel
To know this time together won't sit still

I feel you right beside me
You give and take, it's said and done
I feel you right beside me
It's much too late, it's said and done

It's not with you that I will lay the blame
It's the thoughts inside you'll never say
These days will pass by underneath our lies
We'll turn our backs on what we left behind
I am the choice that you can never make
I am the lack of faith you cannot shake
I know exactly who you think are

I know exactly who you think you are
You're on the run
Track Name: Grey
Within the grey, I'll never let you stray
Unknown inside are walls that can betray
Fall into all that's left to stay behind
Along the gates of hell we cannot hide

Without you is all I have to lose
Without you is all that I can choose

Within the fray, this ever-present state
Alone inside, I cannot break away
Fall back on all we've kept to fortify
Along these empty cells our sins will die

Within the grey is where I let you stray
Unknown outside are depths that take away
Within your grave, you're never going to wake
If I could take your place so you are safe
Track Name: Carry You
Won't you lay down into my arms
Until the afterlife holds us apart
Don't fear or doubt where you are
The bond will strengthen if you're near or far
If I don't have your love
I'm never going to have it at all
Are you?

I will carry you

I feel the ground shift underneath
I can't take back what's been taken from me
We've laid you down, you depart
Oh, take me back to where this all will start
If I don't feel your love
I'm never going to feel it at all
If I don't feel your love, or you

How can I be sure when we reach the end, our lives will be secure?
How can I be yours when this is the end, and there is nothing more?
Above or down below is where I want to go
It's where I want to be if you're with me

I will carry you
I can't bury you